Cheers to New Endeavors

Finally, my first post on the blog created a few months ago. I’ll be quite honest, writing is not our strongest suit and I am beginner photographer, but one thing I do know is I love traveling and discovering new things. That’s the whole purpose of this blog. When it comes to visiting a new place I always research the city I’m visiting. What is there to do and see? How much will it cost? Where do I stay? What can I not miss in this city? There’s a whole list of questions that I search answers for, so I want to be able to lend a hand in that process to other travelers. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a place to look back on your memories either. 🙂

I haven’t travelled much this year, so I will start with some of my past travels to share where I have gone and go from there. I am not sure on an exact schedule for postings, but right now I am looking and one to two post a week. I do have to warn you, quality of photos may not be great for these oldies haha. I’m learning more and more with each trip though.

My family and I have some exciting trips planned for the end of this year and next. I hope to entertain some of you, excite you about travel, and be as helpful as possible.

I’m excited to dive into this creative outlet as it is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. Right now travel is the focus, but I hope to expand on more topics in the future. I’m the sole author of this blog, but maybe one day my husband, Andrew, will want to share some stories too.

Thanks for joining me!


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