My First Travel Experience

As a child my parents did their best to take us on vacation when possible. That meant multiple trips to Disney and Universal Studios over the course of 12 years. I absolutely love Disney and movies, so this was ideal for a child. We were a fairly large family so all our trips had to be done as road trips, which sometimes I wonder how they did it with us. Nonetheless, I am so happy we did! Something happened to me with each trip we took. A spark turned into a burning passion for travel and the idea of exploring everywhere around me. I know it seems silly, how could Disney trips spark this interest it’s so touristy, but it did. Although I would never turn down a trip to any of those theme parks, it showed me that travel was possible. That’s all I needed to get me obsessed with wanting to see more.

My family and I travelled to Disney/Universal Studios about 4 times so I definitely had seen new things, especially since we road tripped it each time. However, as an adult I still felt like I never truly traveled. You know where you call the shots, book the hotels, etc. So finally in 2013 after I started my first job in the Hospitality Industry I booked a room and committed for January 2014. I planned my first trip the most colorful city I’ve been to so far, New Orleans.


This trip almost didn’t happen, but damn I’m so happy I went for it. With the company of a couple of friends, that is.


One of my greatest friends for over 20 years now.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I was so excited to get out there on my own and see something new. I couldn’t sleep the night before! Ask Andrew, we stayed up until about 3:30am, mind you my friends and I planned to hit the road at 4am. At this point in time I just met Andrew, like two weeks prior and even though I wanted so badly to invite him, but I thought that might be too much for such a new relationship.

Prior to this trip I did research a specific website New Orleans Online to give me ideas, but honestly once we got there we just walked and stopped in on places that peaked our interest.

Here are a few photos from that trip! 🙂

Fresh fruit, Eggs Benedict, and mimosas at The Court of Two Sisters. YUM!
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Of course we had to see Bourbon St.

Next we visited the Louis Armstrong Park that was close to our hotel. Which by the way, such a great location we stayed in, more details later. You’re greeted by a beautiful arch with the word ARMSTRONG, and there was even a small show we caught.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv02 presetIMG_2559

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We stayed off Iberville in the French Quarter and just two blocks from Bourbon at Courtyard by Marriott French Quarter/Iberville.
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Acme Oyster House is definitely a tourist spot with the long lines and whatnot. But it’s totally worth it, so grab a beer (yes you can drink on the streets) while you wait, chat with friends and strangers around you.
Charbroiled Oysters are my favorite thing to eat there, but don’t skip out on the raw oysters, they are huge! Not pictured was a seafood gumbo and save some bread to sop up all the garlic butter! Lastly, try to catch a glimpse of them shucking the oysters behind the bar.
Three Muses. Live Music. All off Frenchman St. We also visited Blue Nile which was just so much fun. We loved the live music, dancing, and tequila shots. 🙂
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I could not get over the street tiles! Aren’t they so cute!? Potential New Orleans tattoo idea.
Breakfast at Cake Cafe and Bakery, cute and delicious. This became my go to spot for breakfast at least once anytime I visit New Orleans.
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Caramel Macchiato. Can you believe I had never had a “real one”. Like not from Starbucks. It was good, my friends enjoyed some alcoholic coffees bright and early.
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My absolute favorite photo from this trip ❤
The famous Jackson Square Cathedral. They say this is the oldest cathedral in the U.S., but I come San Antonio where the San Fernando Cathedral has also been dubbed the oldest. Allow me to do some research…
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Gloomy & foggy days at the Mississippi River.
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Harrah’s Casino on Canal St.
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I didn’t leave rich, but I had fun! I was my first time gambling.
Mona Lisa. Nice ambiance and good pizza. Draw your own version of Mona Lisa and possibly get featured on their walls and tables. Also, this restaurant is on one of my favorite streets in New Orleans, Royal.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Marie Laveau’s House of VooDoo. I believe it’s from American Horror Story The Coven Series. Don’t hate me, I’ve never watched it! haha.
Hand grenades and Tropical Itches.
Cafe Du Monde for Beignets.
St. Louis Cemetery #1
Apparently this is Nicholas Cages’ future tomb.
The Milk Bar in the Garden District.

New Orleans was just the start of my travels and since then I’ve been about 3 more times. I’ll share more on those trips in another post.

Until next time!

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