Mini-Texas Travels

Let’s take it back to the year 2014. To be quite honest that seems so long ago, especially because now Andrew and I are married and have a daughter. I wanted to use this post to share a couple of our travels within Texas, our home state. It’s funny how sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to see the world that we forget our home is a part of it. Don’t ever underestimate what you can find within your state, or even your city. I plan to eventually have a blog series of San Antonio and hope to entice you all or as we say here, y’all, to pay a visit.

But before I get into our trips to Houston/Corpus Christi, I wanted to take the time share our deepest condolences to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey recently. It’s insane to think that something so intense could occur just hours from where we live. In my line of work I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing fellow Texans from the areas that were hit and it was nice to see them in such great spirits considering what they had just been through. A lot of them were stressed, but most were just so happy to be alive and safe at that point. I was very honored to have been able to provide them hospitality and in general just help the transition from this disaster as easy as possible. Also, making them laugh, that was my favorite. What was even more heart lifting was ALL the support from their surrounding cities ❤ In San Antonio, dozens of businesses and individuals have been working together to help all the Hurricane Harvey victims in any way possible. It’s such a beautiful thing and the least we could do. One business, Viva Tacoland, has decided to contribute by getting locals and visitors involved. For every photo taken at their wall with the hashtag #ilovehoustonsomuch they will donate $1 towards Hurricane Harvey relief funds. We absolutely had to make it a point to help in any way we could. If you’d like to participate click their link above to get directions, every photo will help make a difference!

With that being said, we are also sending all of our love and prayers to Florida and the surrounding areas as Hurricane Irma is on the move.


I’m probably breaking all the rules by posting a photo that doesn’t have our faces in focus, but regardless it was for a good cause and we were on a time crunch.

H O U S T O N, T X

When I met Andrew I quickly learned how much he loved aviation, naval ships, and space. The list goes on, he’s kind of a nerd ❤ I knew we had to take our first trip together to Houston and visit NASA. Seriously, no matter your age who wouldn’t enjoy this. There was so much to see and learn there!

This was prior to our daughter and it’s crazy how much things have changed, in a good way of course. You’ll notice how different we look too! At least I think so. Haha.

Houston NASA Space Center.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Drinks at The Gingerman.



C O R P U S C H R I S T I, T X

Like I said before, you can see how we’ve changed. These two trips were only 5 months apart. With Andrew’s love for naval ships we headed out to CC TX and visited the USS Lexington. Andrew hadn’t been in years so he enjoyed every minute. I on the other hand, well I enjoyed it. Honest! But oh my goodness, the mannequins scattered throughout the ship scared me every single time, haha.

USS Lexington.

Side note: we travelled there in mid-September and if you don’t know that is hurricane/rain season. Although it poured insanely as we left the USS Lexington, we had beautiful weather the following day.


I’ve learned over time that I love visiting Zoos and Aquariums any chance I get. So it was no surprise that I was most excited to visit the Texas State Aquarium the next day. I just can’t get over seeing the jelly fish, sea horses, and otters swim round and round. SOOO CUTE! 🙂

Can you spot it? The baby bump! 🙂


Thanks for checking out our first travels together! More to come!


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