Part One: Seattle, WA & My First Plane Ride

In October 2014 Andrew and I planned a trip to Seattle, WA. Originally we were supposed to meet up with my oldest brother, but that plan fell through, nonetheless we decided to go forth with the trip. Plus, we had a credit that needed to be used for a cancelled NYC trip we planned prior to knowing about my pregnancy.

This was going to be my first plane ride EVER! Can you believe it took me 25 years to ride a plane?! Our daughter wasn’t even a year old for hers haha. I was nervous about it, you know being six months pregnant and all, but it was a smooth ride and I absolutely loved the customer service we received from Southwest.

Oh Seattle, what can I say other than that we were in awe of your beauty. It’s no wonder they call you the Emerald City. Everything is so lush and green!

This was a short but packed trip. We technically only spent two full days there. We arrived early, about 8am if I’m not mistaken and quickly picked up our rental and drove out to Bellevue. We checked into our hotel, took a quick selfie, and then headed out to explore the city of Seattle.


While waiting for Andrew to sort out all of the details with our car rental I came across some information on a Seattle CityPASS which caught my attention because of the Museum of Flight option (unfortunately it is no longer apart of the CityPASS, but still worth a visit). I knew that Andrew would love that! 🙂

Our first stop though was the most touristy thing you can do while in Seattle, the Space Needle.

The best part of getting the CityPASS is that you are allotted both a day/night admission to the Space Needle. Seattle is just as beautiful at night as it is during the day and I love how with every turn the landscape is different.


After our view from the top we walked on over to the MoPOP (formerly the EMP Museum) and guys, this place was extremely cool. If you have a love for music and movies this is the place to see! They had several movie sections ranging from Sci-Fi to Horror to Fantasy.


These two had to be my favorite pieces in the entire museum. The Sirius Black costume and the Terminator. 🙂 ❤

If music is your thing or you’re a musician they have plenty for you too! Galleries galore with Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix content in them, if you’re into that. I could never get into Nirvana, haha And there is an area where you can actually play musical instruments and even record your own piece.


Our last stop for the day was the Museum of Flight. If you like aviation, space, and history this is a great place to go! But keep in mind there is SO MUCH TO SEE. We literally arrived an hour before it closed and the attendant told us people typically spend 4-6 hours there. We thought it was a little excessive until we started wandering around and realized how huge it was. At that point we had to pick and choose what we really wanted to see.


By far the coolest part of this museum is the Aviation Pavilion where you get to step inside and see what various planes look like. Below Andrew is onboard the Concorde, smiling from ear to ear. 😀



After our jam packed day, we had some dinner at Tilikum Place Cafe. A cute restaurant downtown with a lot of charm! Then went back to our hotel and apparently slept through the worst storm they had seen in a while. haha.

The photo doesn’t do our window seat justice. It added so much charm to our dining experience. I also ordered the Rabbit Ravioli, that was a first for both of us.

Stay tuned for Part Two!



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