Part Two: Seattle, WA

Thanks for coming back to finish the trip! If you missed the first part of it you can read about it here.

This day began with some breakfast at our current hotel and then a switch to our next one. For the second night we stayed in Seattle off Alaskan Way and guys the view was GORGEOUS from our balcony. Very different from our first day which was gloomy, this morning the sun was shining bright! Although, I did like that we were able to experience both types of weather, since gloomy is the cliché weather you expect when visiting. I read the Twilight series (don’t judge haha) and loved all the gloomy weather she described. I even wanted to take a trip to Forks, but it didn’t happen this time around. Next time for sure! 😉

We chose a convenient location and were able to walk to just about all of our attractions we had for the day. Still using our CityPASS we headed out to the first thing on our list, Seattle Aquarium. Yes, I am that short! haha.


After watching an enormous octopus sleep for a while we headed out to the Argosy Cruise. This was not only informational, but such a great way to see Seattle from another viewpoint. Did you know Seattle isn’t even in the top 10 list for rainfall in the U.S.!


It was time for a stroll through the famous Pike’s Place Market. You didn’t think we went to Seattle and didn’t stop by here, did ya? It’s as awesome as you would think. Fresh seafood every where you turn, fresh beautiful smelling flowers that your only wish is you could move to here just so you can always have a bouquet in your home.


We stopped on in the “first” Starbucks, Andrew ate a healthy serving of prawns, and we even witnessed the famous fish toss at Pike Place Fish Co.



After wandering through various book stores and eating snacks galore we ate dinner, and were going to call it a night. Instead we decided we wanted to drive around the city to see the neighborhoods. We came across one that reminded us of their version of our St. Mary’s Strip (street of nightlife). A short ride up was a Krispy Kreme and I was craving one badly. Being pregnant made me want sweets ALL THE TIME, haha. On the way we spotted a venue called the Showbox SoDo and Andrew randomly researched the venue online and noticed a band we both really enjoy (Chromeo) happened to be playing that night so we ditched the donuts and went to the show.


What a fun and unexpected way to end our trip! After that long evening of showing off our Fancy Footwork, it was time for bed since we had an early flight.

Seattle is just jam packed with so much to do, see, and eat. This trip we were definitely tourist, but we had so much fun doing so. It’s a city we plan to go back to with our daughter and spend more time in.

Olive-Lynn and I survived our first flight ❤

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