December In The Big Easy

My second time visiting New Orleans was actually the same year as my first. My parents were invited to a destination wedding in December 2014 and I thought it would be a great opportunity to go back. This time I made it a point to invite Andrew on the trip 🙂 Read about my first trip to New Orleans here.

Side note: I like to include the month that I traveled, because I know personally I wonder what the heck the weather will be like. When a month is given it gives me a better idea of when I would prefer to go to a specific city, because weather sometimes is a deciding factor and you can’t always tell exactly what time of year it is based off photos/videos.IMG_7220

For this trip I booked a luxury hotel, the JW Marriott New Orleans. We had beautiful city views from our room, and my parents had a gorgeous view of both the Mississippi River and city. Service was top notch here, as you would expect. Also, it’s in a prime location off Canal Street.

Nearly 8 months, my bump was reaching the point of covering my feet soon.

Being that it was my parents AND Andrew’s first time in that city, I took them on the unofficial French Quarter tour. We walked up and down Royal Street, through Bourbon and Jackson Square. They had vendors out that day selling all sorts of art, we even caught a magic show that impressed the heck out of Andrew haha.


We also caught a parade while walking the streets. I wish I could remember exactly what it was for, but an unexpected and free show is always a plus. There’s a lot of that here 🙂


Like in my first trip, I HAD to take my family to Acme Oyster House. We met up with a good friend of ours, she had recently been stationed in New Orleans with her husband who serves in the Navy. We had so much fun talking, eating, I was even able to convince my parents to try something new. That’s the whole point of traveling right? To get out of your comfort zone. Luckily they enjoyed every bit of the food.


If you feel ever so brave try to take on the oyster challenge like Adam Richmond did on an episode of Man vs. Food and get your name posted on their Hall of Fame. 20 dozen oysters, I’ll politely pass haha.


Lastly, Cafe Du Monde was a must for any first timer, or repeater. haha.


The next morning I discovered this amazing coffee place, PJ’s Coffee. It basically seemed like the Starbucks of New Orleans and with good reason. It’s DELICIOUS! The JW Marriott has one right next door too, so you don’t have to look far.

P.S. They are slowly opening more in the Houston, TX area. 😀


It was wedding day for my parents so that evening we made plans to have a date and meet up with our friends. We opted to try Remoulade which is a casual version of Arnaud’s according to their website. We didn’t feel we had the right attire for that one.

I enjoyed the red beans and rice with sausage and the view of my handsome husband.
Then we proceeded to share a brownie topped with pistachio ice cream and hot fudge. mmMMMmm 🙂
Fried oyster breakfast sandwich.

On our last day I took us to where I have now made a tradition with Andrew, Cake Cafe and Bakery. Every time I go I order something different, but it is always equally delicious. I think one of my favorite things to eat is their homemade jam and biscuits. Looking back at this photo just makes me want to go back already. Don’t worry it didn’t take us long to go back. 🙂


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