Heading Out West

Soon Andrew and I will be heading out west for our 2-year wedding anniversary. This year we decided to plan a smaller trip closer to home and we chose the town of Marfa. I’m sure if you’re a Texas native you have probably heard of it and if not that, you may have caught a glimpse on Beyonces’ Instagram.

We decided on this place for a few reasons. First off, a client of mine told me about the McDonald Observatory and as you know Andrew has a fascination for all things space so I was already thought it would be a good option. Secondly, I had seen so many photos on Instagram as well as articles from our local newspaper about it. And lastly, Andrew and I had a happy hour date about 3 months ago at a place we heard so much about Ocho, that is located inside of Hotel Havana. Here’s the only photo (not sure why?) that I took that day.

If you decide to pay a visit note they do not allow professional photos to be taken of their restaurant. Only phones are allowed.

Now if you haven’t already clicked off and seen how gorgeous this place is you should once you finish reading. The bar/restaurant is ABSOLUTELY stunning and sits right along our famous Riverwalk. As we sat at the bar I chatted up with the F&B Manager and found out that the owners of Hotel Havana actually own El Cosmico in Marfa.

El cosmico Tent
Source: elcosmico.com

I’ve been on Pinterest quite a bit looking this town up and even discovering new bloggers. Marfa looks so quirky and fun already we can’t wait to see it for ourselves. The only thing we’ve planned so far is where we will be sleeping, which is this cool safari tent above. So please share if you’ve been! We’d love to hear about your trip or anything you find.

Our favorites from the trip will follow soon after. 🙂

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