Two Years Together



Today we celebrate two years of marriage and geez it has flown by. This past weekend we spent some quality time in Marfa, TX and had a blast. We were able to enjoy long uninterrupted talks on our drives, explore a whole new town, and sing along to a Queen cover band. Andrew even managed to make me cry by showering me with his words of love and as you can see he gifted me something that I’m so grateful for. qTravelers officially has it’s own domain. He has seen how much I’ve loved venturing into this blogging world and I am so happy that I have such a supportive husband and friend. He is my motivation and inspiration and I just hope I have and continue to provide him the same thing for many more years.

I’ll be posting about our trip and a review of our hotel very soon. As far as, please continue to to visit this link ( while I finalize everything on the official site. You all will be the first to know once it’s ready. 🙂

As for now, I’m off to celebrate some more with Andrew!


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