This Was Our Halloween

Hi guys!

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! My family and I sure did. I wanted to go ahead and share a photo of our costumes this year and show you how I put them together.


This year we went as Sofia the First, Elena of Avalor, and Mateo (a character from Elena), just in case you did not know. 😀

I had a really busy month in October so I literally purchased all the last minute pieces on Halloween for our costumes.

My daughter’s costume is store bought, Sofia the First dress from Target, Sofia Amulet from Spirit, and her sandals are Cat and Jack.


Andrew’s costume is a mix of items he owned and a few we purchased. He already owned the khaki pants, white button up, and boots. It was very difficult to find a green vest. What I ended up doing was buying an XL woman’s blouse and tied it back and folded in the sleeves. It worked! 🙂 For the cummerbund and red scarf, I purchased 3/8th’s (I believe) of fabric from Hobby Lobby and it just all came together after that.


Lastly, for my costume I have a bit more details for you in case you’d like to replicate this look in the future. This was the end look I was wanting to accomplish and I think I pulled it off while not having her exact outfit. There was no way I was going to dish out $200+ for the actual cosplay. Haha.



I purchased my earrings from Hobby Lobby and as you can see they only cost me $10! My top and skirt were both purchased from Forever21 and each piece was under $20. I wanted to find a full red outfit, but I was having no luck and in the end I really loved how the white and red came together.


My shoes are something I’ve owned so really any brown sandal can work for this. The hairpiece, which helped make the costume a little more accurate, was purchased at H&M got it for about $6.


And finally, I used an acoustic guitar we own as a prop which I think helped make me even more recognizeable, along with a little Sofia tagging along side me.

We had a blast doing family themed costumes again, I can’t wait to see what we come up with next time. All day my daughter kept saying is “Mommy is Ewayna (Elena)” ❤ melted my heart!

Let me know if this Elena idea helped at all or if it’s something you would do! Feel free to share your Halloween photos below, I’d love to see what everyone was.


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