24 Hours In Marfa

For Andrew and my 2 year wedding anniversary we spent it not too far from home, in a town that we heard so many good things about, Marfa, TX. We literally spent 24 hours here and managed to do quite a bit. Here are the details and photos from our trip!


Coffee sounded like a good place to start, but before we headed there a quaint grocery store caught our eye. The Get Go Grocery is definitely your neighborhood market and so cute. There is quite a variety considering the size, we even picked up one of their own trail mix concoctions.

Right across the street we went to get our coffee fix at Do Your Thing Coffee. I ordered the Minty Matcha Latte which was like Andes Mint heaven ❤ and Andrew grabbed a cup of the Lebanese Latte. It was so good we went back for one the next day.


It was breakfast time and we chose to try out Mando’s. Delicious food, I kind of judge Mexican restaurants on their salsa and it was perfectly spicy as I’m thinking most of their food is. We ordered enchiladas (green and red) and oh my, we had to take a break while eating because of the heat. haha.

Down the street we found a really neat thrift store. I don’t always have the best luck thrifting, but Andrew found two new pieces. 🙂

Highland Avenue was the main road and we wandered for a couple of hours in and out of different shops and galleries.



Finally 3pm rolls around and we can check into our room which we were super excited to see. If you haven’t checked out my El Cosmico post, head over after!


After a much needed nap, we made our way to Happy Hour at The Hotel Paisano. $6 Margaritas hit the spot!


I’m sure it’s against the rules to visit Marfa and not make the 30 minute drive Valentine to check out the Prada Marfa Art Installation. We shot for sunset-ish, as everyone else did too, but luckily we got there a bit earlier and stayed a tad later than everyone.


Apparently those are real Prada shoes and bags, except there is only one shoe instead of the pair and the bottoms of the bags are cut out to discourage thieves. Also, bring a lock and add to their love lock fence.


This town is very small, several times we were one place whether we were browsing the shops or dining and we ran into the same people. It’s lucky we did because our lovely front desk agent from El Cosmico recognized us at Capri Lounge and let us know about a Queen cover band that was playing later that evening. We even made a friend at the bar and met up at the show. And of course, sang our hearts out!


If you follow us on Instagram you would’ve seen our stories and me talking about how travel is amazing and the awesome people we met. Though small there is no shortage of adventure and interesting people in Marfa. I urge you to visit if you want to breakaway from the big city, especially if you live in Texas, it’s become something of a staple in our beautiful state.


Where we stayed and When we traveled: El Cosmico (one night) and late October

Where we ate:


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