San Francisco Sights

As much variety as there is in food, San Francisco has just as much to see. There is absolutely no way you can do it all in just two days, but we definitely tried to. Since it was our first time, we had to hit up the tourist spots because there was no way we were going to San Francisco and not seeing the Golden Gate, Painted Ladies, or Alcatraz. Along the way we stumbled upon some really neat neighborhoods and beautiful parks. Here are some photos from our sightings.


Alcatraz was a lot of fun despite it being rainy/gloomy. Purchasing tickets in advance is highly recommended, even more so on a clear day as I would anticipate that the lines are even longer. I purchased our tickets here a couple of weeks in advance. The fee includes the ferry ride to and from the island and once there you are able to wander the entire site and are even given an audio guide that is quite interesting.

If you are bringing a little one, it would be wise to bring a baby carrier or stroller because there is quite a bit of walking, but it’s manageable if you don’t have one.


Don’t forget to take in the sweet view you get of San Francisco! It’s always such a nice surprise to see how gorgeous a city can look from different viewpoints.


Speaking of different viewpoints, the Golden Gate Bridge has plenty of options to explore and can really change up how you photograph it. Check out this website that gives you some of those options. We chose to go with Fort Point!

If you have the time rent a bike and ride across the bridge, or drive down to Sausalito!

IMG_2178 (1)IMG_0671

Oh my lanta! How cute are these two! There was no way we or should I say, I could skip out on the Painted Ladies. Gorgeous homes that were part of a bond my sister and I had as kids while watching Full House just about every day.

Aside from the nostalgic feeling you get, Alamo Square Park is just a nice place to take a stroll or sit and enjoy the cool weather. We were fortunate to have some sunshine this day.


If the Presidio of San Francisco isn’t on your list, then you need to add it quick. There is soooo much to see and do here. Seriously, I’m sure you can spend an entire day here. With our limited time, we managed to see two very cool spots. 🙂


A dream come true for some! haha.


We literally wound our day down by taking the drive through Lombard Street. If you aren’t familiar it’s a windy one way road downhill that provides stunning views of the city and is lined with beautiful homes and flowers.

I’ve been itching to go back to San Francisco since I left to be honest, but there are so many more places to visit. We will definitely return with the next few years though and surely discover a whole new place.


Need tips on where to eat? Read my San Francisco food guide here.

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