Exploring Arizona: Sedona

Hi guys!

Continuing on with the Exploring Arizona series, our second stop on this mini road trip was Sedona. This day we actually visited two additional places and were so fortunate to have such beautiful weather.

Sedona is a gorgeous little town and I could not get enough of the red rocks. Since we were trying to make it back to Scottsdale before nightfall we spent a very short time here. Like I always say though, I would love to spend a day/night here. Andrew’s niece recommended Enchantment Resort, I’m already trying to figure out where we can squeeze that trip in. One thing we made sure to do while here was see the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Andrew had been the year before and said the views from up there were breathtaking and he was not wrong. A little crowded for sure, but so worth spending 20 minutes trying to find parking. Make it a point to stop for at least this on your drive.

Here are some photos of our views. If you haven’t already seen my Grand Canyon post, feel free to head over after.



IMG_1335IMG_1306IMG_1281 (1)IMG_1346IMG_1343IMG_1288 (1)IMG_1289

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