Exploring Arizona: Jerome and Watson Lake

Hi guys!

This is the last entry in the Exploring Arizona portion of this 5 blog series. We started out by making our way to the Grand Canyon and then on the way to back to Scottsdale we visited Sedona. Be sure to check out those blogs for some great road trip ideas!


After leaving Sedona we made our way to Jerome, a small town labeled as the largest ghost town in America. Aside from the insane views you get on the drive up and while you are there, this place is filled interesting shops, character, and fudge. Oh we got down on some fudge. Given that it’s a ghost town they do offer ghost tours and have very unique and possibly haunted hotels. We were overdue for lunch by the time we made it here so we popped on into Grapes for a quick bite.

IMG_1320 (1)IMG_1322IMG_1310 (1)IMG_1311IMG_1309

Our last stop before arriving to Scottsdale was Watson Lake in Prescott. So while I was at the hotel in Grand Canyon I simply looked up Arizona as a location on Instagram and found beautiful photos of a lake. I told Andrew we had to make the detour to see it and he agreed once he saw the photos.

This place was basically empty beside 2-3 photographers clearly there for the golden hour. Unfortunately, we got more of an overcast and strong winds while we were there, nonetheless it was just as pretty in person as it was in pictures.

I’ve already told Andrew we need to re-do this road trip, but actually stay in each town for the night.

IMG_1324 (1)IMG_1325IMG_1326 (1)IMG_6649IMG_6659IMG_1328 (1)IMG_1332 (1)IMG_6640

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