San Diego: Day One 

Hi guys!

Its time for the San Diego portion of this 5 blog series. If you haven’t caught up with the Exploring Arizona portion here they are, Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Jerome & Watson Lake. 🙂  As I mentioned in the first post we decided on taking this trip for Andrew’s 30th birthday and it we were able to spend some time with his niece and her husband, they live in Scottsdale.

The weekend was upon us finally and as people in Arizona know, California is not a far getaway. With that in mind, Andrew’s niece suggested we all take a road trip to San Diego for a couple of days. What a great idea that was!

The drive is not bad at all, especially coming from Texas where you can drive 8 hours and still be in the same state, haha. We stayed at a beautiful hotel near the Gaslamp Quarter.


After checking into the hotel and relaxing for a bit, we headed out to walk along side the marina and search for a place to grab lunch.


We found such beautiful place to have lunch at, The Fish Market. Looking at it now, it was quite a walk from our hotel but you don’t seem to notice because the walk itself is so pleasant. We had amazing views the entire way and people watching is fun too!

Seriously though, if you are looking for a place to dine with a beautiful view, you cannot go wrong here.


We spent sunset at the top of the San Diego Convention center and it was so beautiful. Texas has some amazing sunsets, trust me, but this one was different. It was so warm and with the reflection on the water I was just in awe. Also, the area was not filled at all with people, so it was basically a private show.

San Diego has a lot to offer and I feel like I really didn’t see the city, but there are so many beautiful surrounding areas that you just get lost in. I’ll be posting a Day Two: San Diego since we made a couple of day trips to Coronado Beach and La Jolla.


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