Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I hope you all have had an amazing week so far! It’s been a busy week in our home, what with just getting back from Arizona and getting ready to head out again soon. Andrew and I have this thing where we typically pack all of our trips within the same few months so it makes life a little crazy, but very exciting.

Before we left to Arizona for the weekend we made it a point to decorate with our daughter. It happened to be on November 30th, so it was perfect to get it done in time for December.

This was really the first year She helped with the decorating. We always made it a point to have her put the angel on the tree, but this year she was ready to do more. This year, like our last 2, we used an artificial tree my mom handed down to us. I would love to do a real tree once we purchase our home. I remember loving when we randomly had one in my home growing up. It always made think think of Christmas Vacation, haha.

This was a suuuper casual event for us. We didn’t make a big deal about being dressed up for photos, we just wanted to do this together. All our decorations were purchased at Target and the only new addition was the silver and red tinsel. Last year I felt like something was missing and it was definitely the tinsel. I love how different and more full it made our tree look without having to do too much. We all did our share of placing ornaments and given our daughters height many of hers were lower. I love how you know where she decorated because they are all bunched up ❤ We decided to leave them where they were rather than trying to make the tree look “perfect”. I really want her to be creative in decorating and know we value all her help. 🙂 We went very minimal with our decorating, mostly because we will be moving soon and don’t want to accumulate many items right now, but we do still need to get our stockings up.

Here are some photos from our evening. I even included the last two years of Olive-Lynn putting the angel on the tree.

Are you all decorated for the holiday season?


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