San Diego: Day Two

We have finally arrived to the end of this blog series/trip! Catch up here, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Jerome & Watson Lake, and San Diego: Day One.

On our second and last full day in San Diego we somehow managed to do quite a bit. First on our list for that morning was Donut Bar. This place was really popular on Instagram and from I read there are long waits. With that in mind, we arrived at around 7am or so and there was already a line half way down the block. See the photos of the donuts below and you will see it was worth it. They even have vegan options!


After we stuffed our faces we headed out to explore. USS Midway was in not very far from where we stayed and if you’ve read my Houston & Corpus Christi blog you know that Andrew loves visiting these museums. This place was huge and very interesting, plus the views were amazing! Even Olive-Lynn was very interested in what was going on around her.


After wandering around the ship all morning our family took us for a drive out to Coronado Beach and La Jolla. Coronado was beautiful! We had a great lunch at a restaurant called Miguel’s Cocina and then wandered the shorefront and neighborhoods. One of Andrew and my favorite things to do in new cities is see the neighborhoods and homes. It’s fun to see the unique designs and historic homes.

Before sunset caught up with us we made another drive out to La Jolla and guys this place is gorgeous! We walked in and out of shops and galleries and there was even a National Geographic Fine Art Gallery and I was in heaven. There were so many prints I wanted to purchase!

Like I said, we were basically chasing the sunset and finally reached a place that Yelp! had listed as the best place to watch it from, Windansea Beach. This is was the best tip ever! I mean, just scroll down, I don’t think I need to say much more.

On our last morning before heading back to Arizona we made the drive back to La Jolla to have a birthday breakfast for Andrew. He turned 30 that trip! We had the most amazing views and food with such great company. I’m truly grateful that he was able to have such an adventure filled birthday. Not a bad way to spend the last week in your 20’s.

I hope you all enjoyed this series. I had a lot of fun looking back at that trip and sharing with you!

Brockton Villa Restaurant

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