Travel Wish List for 2018

Another year of travels for the books and I’m already looking for our next adventures. I decided to compile a list of my personal travel list. I hope I can inspire you all to jot down your travel goals and make at least one happen. It only takes one for the bug to continue to come back and bite you, but you will be doing yourself such justice by visiting somewhere new. Whether you go for a weekend getaway, 2 week vacation, or month long adventure you’ll be glad you did.

  • SOMEWHERE TROPICAL! My family is overdue for a beach trip and just somewhere tropical in general. With Southwest Airlines recently announcing their routes to Hawaii that would be a neat place to go, but really Costa Rica is high on the list. We’ve been having some talks with a couple of our friends and really want to take the kids there next year.

Costa Rica

  • EAST COAST/NORTHEAST USA! Growing up I always said I wanted to move the east coast one day, yet as an adult I haven’t even visited, haha.  So heading in that direction is definitely on my list. I’m thinking Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, or Maine.

boston photo

  • A NATIONAL PARK! My family and I love visiting National Parks, I mean who can get tired of mountains and the picturesque views. This coming year Glacier National Park is waaay up high on my list. Others I’d like to visit sooner rather than later are Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Crater Lake. One of my travel to-dos is to spend a Christmas in a cabin at one of these. How magical would that be?!

P.S. Alex Strohl is one of my favorite photographers on Instagram 🙂


  • TRAVEL INTERNATIONALLY…Finally! Next year I would absolutely love to go out of the country. High on that list is Ireland, Bali, Iceland, Switzerland, and Norway. I’m not sure international travel will be attainable, we are currently working on paying off our debts, but we can sure try. (Let me know if our journey out of debt is something that interests you.)

norway photo

  • 30th BIRTHDAY TRIP! Guys I turn 30 next year and what better way to celebrate than with a trip. Ideally, NYC, San Francisco, or London is where I’d like to go. Having just gone to Disney though, I think I want to do Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, plus I still have not been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


Bonus Trip: New Orleans, duh! Come on, you all know I can’t not travel to NOLA at least once a year. It’s my favorite city to visit and not only have I been wanting to go with a group of friends, two of our very good friends are stationed there and our kiddos have been missing each other. 🙂


So there you have it, ideal trips I’d like to take. I tried not to be to specific, because I’m grateful to travel anywhere at all. I’m sure we won’t check all these off since we will be working on our financial situation more intensely next year, but either way there is no better way to get hyped for the new year!

Do you all have any travels planned for next year? Where will you be going?

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