2017 Favorites

Hi guys!

We are almost a month into the new year and hope it has treated you well so far. 🙂 I thought it would be neat to share some of my favorites from 2017 that I loved and will absolutely bring with me into 2018. I wanted to get this post out to you all sooner, but it’s been a very busy new year for me. Anyhow, let’s dive into this list of my 7 favorites!

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Sleep Mask


Last Valentine’s I told Andrew all I wanted was a sleep mask and sure enough he bought me just that. It’s super cute and exactly how I wanted it. My request were that it be white and gold and say Mrs. Quiroga. Thank goodness you can find anything on Etsy! This has seriously been a favorite of mine since I got it because it helps so much when I’m having trouble sleeping. The way I explained it to Andrew is that the light pressure of having it on helps when I have minor headaches. I try not to take meds for headaches unless they are intense, so if you are like me this could be an option.

The Colossal Volume Express by Maybelline


When it comes to mascara I feel like I can never win. I have long thin eyelash that are straight as an arrow so length is not what I need. When I search for mascara I want volume! I’m very particular about the brush and application of the product. While I was shopping at our local HEB one day I actually found this mascara at an end cap on sale. It was a small travel size for under $2 and a co-worker of mine had actually mentioned this to me (shout out Vanessa!) so I figured why not give it a shot. Seriously, one of the best if not THE best mascara I’ve ever used. I’m not a fan of the plastic sparse bristles that I find a lot of because I just don’t think they give me much volume, but this brush is so full and applies so easy it is now my go to. Although, there is a Bare Minerals one that rivals this one, but for less than half the price why not go drugstore.

Bare Mineral Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara


Tarteist Lip Paint 


By far my favorite make up purchase of 2017 was the Tarte liquid lip in the color Delish. I really love wearing lipstick, but I’m always struggling with my lips drying out too much. ColourPop is one of my favorite brands for lipsticks, but I gave Tarte a chance because these were half off! I chose this color because I was looking for a very mauve color that can be worn with just about anything and now it is my go to for sure. They have a wide variety of colors, but I love having a staple for everyday wear. It can be drying at times, but usually I find it’s because my lips are already pretty chapped before I put the color on. Otherwise, I love how smooth it goes on and the matte finish.

San Antonio Shoes, Dylan Boots


My husband began working for SAS 2017 and one of his benefits is that he gets 2 free pairs of shoes each year. Sounds like a woman’s dream, but growing up in San Antonio I only knew SAS shoes as shoes for the elder. Let me tell you something though, SAS has stepped up their game. Honestly I don’t know when that was, but they have so much to offer for all ages. When we went to the general store, (which by the way is the cutest, totally need to take a tour and do a post on), I found the Dylan boots immediately when I walked in and was in love. They are Italian made unlike their other shoes that are handmade here in town, and they are beautiful. I love the weight of the heel and they are very comfortable. These shoes are on the expensive side, but if you’re looking for style, comfort and can splurge a bit, they are worth every penny. One downside is the back zipper that tends to unzip as you walk. It’s not a deal breaker, but can get annoying. They are currently my go to shoe and I’m hoping that I can still rock them in San Antonio heat, otherwise I’m going to be praying for winter very soon.

The last three on list are not style or beauty related, but they are three things I really loved in 2017.

The Flash

The FlashThe Flash courtesy of CW, Photo Courtesy of Comic Vine

If you’re like me you find yourself watching the same TV series over and over, The Office, HIMYM, Friends, repeat. Now trust me I’m still repeating those, but damn this show caught and has kept my attention. I’ve always been more of a Marvel fan and definitely do not know the backstory of The Flash in the comic world, but this show is so GOOD! It has suspense, comedy, love, and singing ❤ It will have you thinking and surprise you left and right and the cast is great! If you’ve been meaning to watch a new show give this one a shot, but no spoilers because I’m only caught up to what’s on Netflix 🙂



This is has become one of my favorite restaurants and I’ve only gone twice. In case you didn’t know Chisme means gossip in Spanish and a very appropriate name as everyone is talking about it in town. The aesthetics are on point along with their food and cocktails.  They have a nice patio and outside bar and indoor you find dim lighting, hispanic culture, and a very cute hightop communal table. We have met and talked with nice people there and just can’t get enough when it comes to eating. For a starter go with the Loaded Chile Cheese Fries, then my favorite are the asada and burnt end tacos and for drinks you can’t go wrong with a Pacifico Michelada or La Paloma. If live or will be visiting San Antonio plan for a dinner here, or even brunch, I hear it’s amazing.

Disney Trip


The best for last and it’s gotta be Disney! I was able to convince Andrew that financially there would be no cheaper time to go then now. The three of us flew on points, our daughter was still free, and we found a hotel for $40/night. I hadn’t been to Disney since I was 12 and it was just as magical as I remembered it. I’ll be doing an entire blog post on our trip pretty soon, but if you’ve ever been I’m sure you understand just why it’s one of my top 2017 memories. ❤

I don’t consider myself a beauty blogger so I was hesitant in sharing make up favs, but in reality I do use them so why not. Let me know if this is something you’d like to see more of. It wouldn’t be of specific items like beauty, travel, etc. It would just include anything that I’m loving at the moment. Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post! 🙂

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