Hi guys!

I contemplated sharing this trip because the aspiring photographer in me feels my photos fall short from a photography standpoint. Given that it is my daughter’s birthday month, I have been obsessed with looking back at memories of her first couple of years with us. That in itself ended up motivating me to share this travel with you all because she was the reason we did it.

Sometime in Spring 2016 my daughter was obsessing with a cartoon called the Bubble Guppies. On top of that I had a friend recently take a trip to the Mall of America with her son and learned that it was also the home of Nickelodeon Universe. Since the show is part of the Nickelodeon family I did some research and brought it to Andrew. We found great deals on both airfare and accommodations and decide to jump the gun and plan the trip for September that year.

This trip really made me realize how much Andrew and I prioritize travel in our life. It sounded silly to some people when I told them we were going to Minnesota just to take our one year old daughter to meet a character from her favorite TV show. For Andrew and I, it was something we knew we wanted to be able to give our daughter. Travel is so very important to us for many reasons, but most importantly it brings us together and we get to create wonderful memories in new places. And honestly, Minnesota is freaking beautiful! I’m seriously not sure if we would’ve even made a trip up there so soon if it wasn’t for our daughter. Who knows where her interest will take us next, but we’re excited.

IMG_5794IMG_5844IMG_5851We had a ton of fun the 48 hours we had to explore Minneapolis. Day one was spent at the MOA, which worked out because it was extremely cold and rainy. We wandered the 3 large floors of shops, ate Shake Shack for the first time, and then made our way to the indoor theme park. Luckily our hotel was connected to the MOA so we were able to take breaks and then go back out. This trip we invited my nephew since we travelled over his birthday. That evening was his birthday so he chose Hard Rock Cafe MOA for dinner. 🙂


Insta Caption: The reason we made this trip! Believe it or not she was very excited. She gave her a hug, a high five, and mostly touched her face. Molly was very flattered that Olive-Lynn was wearing a shirt with her on it. OL might not remember this moment, but we will and we can tell her the story over and over if she wishes. ❤

IMG_5936IMG_6021Day two was spent exploring Minneapolis and the weather was polar opposite from the prior. Our breakfast was delicious and as Andrew says, “The best chilaquiles he’s ever had!” and we are from San Antonio, haha. After driving around various lakes and gorgeous neighborhoods we made or way to Minnehaha Falls. This place was beautiful and the stairs will kick your butt, it’s so worth it though. Shortly after this we grabbed lunch and lounged at Gold Medal Park while eating ice cream.


We took a late flight out this day, because of that we had some time to kill before heading to the airport. So we risked it and drove the 45 minutes to Lake Minnetonka. It did not disappoint. Our only wishes were that it was warmer and we could stay longer.


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