Hey, It’s Me Again.

Hey guys!

In honor of reaching 500 followers on Instagram over this past weekend I thought I’d reintroduce myself to everyone who has joined me and share some facts about me.

Before doing so though, I just wanted to genuinely thank everyone who has chosen to be apart of my community and share in my life and travels. I’ve had so much fun sharing and growing, as a writer and in my photos, in this short amount of time. I hope you all continue to stick around and I look forward to connecting with y’all now and in the future! ❤

Let’s get right into it. If you haven’t already read my about me page then allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca-Lynn, I am a Travel & Life blogger based in San Antonio, TX. I have a husband and daughter who are my world, and our goal is to see it! The three of us love travel and creating memories any way we can and that is the main reason for creating qTravelers. I wanted a way to look back and cherish our adventures together. On top of that, I’m constantly contacted by friends and family for tips, tricks, and ideas on travel so I thought why not put it out there for others to see. In addition to travel I share my life with my family and my beautiful city!

Now on to the good stuff…here are 5 facts that you may (or may not) know about me 🙂

1. I’m a college student.

Yes it’s true! I have gone to community college on and off for 10 years. Yikes! It sounds more depressing than it actually is. I started out as a dual major (Photography & Human Resource Management), took many breaks, failed some classes, and changed my major another one or two times. Now guess where I ended up? I’m a Business major with a concentration in Human Resource Management and I run my blog which incorporates a lot of photography. Haha, morale of the story, only you know what you want in life, but even sometimes you need some convincing.

2. I was a spelling bee champ…

…in the 4th grade! My fourth grade teacher reached out to me and basically designated me to be the entry for my class. I had so much fun studying up for that day and honestly felt like a complete badass, though I’m sure everyone thought I was a nerd. I was literally so stoked on the fact that I could spell unceremonious. I came out victorious in my elementary school! I received a trophy (which I still have) and was even in the San Antonio Express News as a participant in the city spelling bee. Sadly, my reign couldn’t last forever. I was knocked out on the first word, I was so nervous, and then ate Chinese food with my mama and friend.

3. I almost quit breastfeeding.

Most people who know me from my personal Instagram know that I breastfed, scratch that, breastfeed my daughter. The first two weeks were the most painful and toughest times of motherhood for me. I just had a c-section and was struggling to get my daughter to latch. In the end, persistence and support was key and we are now 3 years strong. It’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever committed myself to and though I’m ready to wean, I know I will be in tears once it’s over.

4. I dislike sweet tea.

Nothing long to write about here, but seriously I don’t like sweet tea. I know, how can I even be a Texan.

5. I love to sing.

Okay cliche, but I really do. Who doesn’t love to sing?! But just a heads up, I don’t have great pipes, haha. More specifically though, I love to sing about everything and anything I do. It’s contagious guys! I’ve even have Andrew and Olive-Lynn following in my foot steps. And don’t get me started on musicals, I’ll sing one of those from sun up to sun down. And if you mention RENT, then you may as well grab a seat and some popcorn because I’ll put on a show.

Jess New Girl

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a little more! If you wish to share about yourself do so in the comments. I’d love to get to know y’all as well 🙂


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