Mother’s Day Gift Guide: For The Travel Lover

Hi guys!

I’ve never done a gift guide, but I thought it would be fun considering I am a travel loving mother. I’ve included some cute and useful gift ideas that any mommy traveler can appreciate and it won’t break the bank. Let’s jump right into it!

Instant Film Camera

There is nothing more exciting about taking a photo and not knowing what you will get. That’s one of the beauty’s of film photography. Anyone would appreciate this, but the traveling mama would absolutely love it! Not only do you get the element of surprise, but you don’t have to wait long for the final product. The last Polaroid camera I owned was back in 4th grade, and it was a Spice Girls one. Totally hope it shows up at my parents home one day. But for the grown up mother I’m sure a newer Polaroid or Fujifilm camera will do. The price point is fair for these models and though the cost of film can add up (do research because it varies)  and well that only adds value to the gems she will capture.


Delicate Travel Themed Jewelry

Jewelry is not every mother’s thing, that’s a fact. However, a nice delicate travel themed piece is nice to have in your box for when you decide to mix it up. Items like thin chained necklaces with an airplane or a globe charm can be subtle and cute. That goes for watches with world map faces, rings with a compass, or bracelets with wording like, “wanderlust” or “explore” can help your mother express her love for travel through her style.

Travel Sized Make-Up Brushes

Mamas love their travel as much as they love their make up so this is the perfect idea. Travel sized make up brushes are not just useful, but they are easy to pack. I don’t know how many times I’ve struggled trying to stuff all my full sized brushes in a small make up bag. You’ll find that many brands sell individuals brushes and kits. Check out the Real Techniques or itCosmetics kits! *Bonus points if you include some of her make-up faves in travel size as well!

A Sleep Mask

This isn’t the first time I’ve spoken about sleep masks on my blog and it won’t be the last. I have always loved them for home and travel. Andrew purchased one for me last Valentine’s Day and I swear by it! This is a very budget friendly gift idea that allows you to be creative and/or customize the gift itself. Simply go to Etsy, search, and many options and designs will pop up. Find one with a cute pattern, funny quote, or completely customize by having a nickname or initials embroidered.

So there you have it! Now if you are still struggling to figure out what to get that mother in your life, remember a nice Weekender or gift card to heir favorite airline is sure to make her smile and prep for her next adventure. 🙂

Now onto sharing this on Facebook so that my hubby has some ideas 😀




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