Colorado: Garden of the Gods

Guys, we’ve reached the end of our Colorado trip. We couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to spend it than at the Garden of the Gods. This was a place we knew we HAD to see because seriously, how could you skip out on the gorgeous red rocks and views from up-top. We literally had a flight to catch at like 7pm that day, so we spent the better part of day here. I feel like there isn’t much to say except that if you go to Colorado you have to make the trip. You could spend all day here, but even just a few hours like we did, will give you your fill. Here are some photos from out visit!

Don’t forget to check out my Boulder and Denver blogs here for more on what we did and inspiration ❤

IMG_1787IMG_1744IMG_1755IMG_1748IMG_7058IMG_6970IMG_6998IMG_1793IMG_7061IMG_1796IMG_6995FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 12FullSizeRender 15


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