Weekend in Corpus Christi

Hi guys,

I wanted to jump on here to share a little from our weekend getaway to Corpus Christi recently. We were craving a trip somewhere and OL has been begging for the beach so we woke up early and hit the road by 6:30am. It was our first road trip since OL has been potty trained and it was an adjustment, but we survived. haha.

Before and while in Corpus Christi we received so many restaurant recommendations, but with our short trip there was no way we could visit them all. Only more reason to go back!

While there I had previously decided I wanted to vlog our trip on my iPhone because I am very much interested in starting to vlog more often. This was a perfect opportunity for me to capture our trip and get some practice in as far as speaking to a camera in public and editing. I went ahead and took the plunge and uploaded my vlog to YouTube Wednesday evening. I really had a blast editing and couldn’t help but smile as I rewatched my little families adventure. 🙂 I’ll link the video and share some photos below from our trip.

Hope you all enjoy!

IMG_2481IMG_2556IMG_2429 2IMG_2628IMG_2716IMG_2763IMG_2798IMG_2783IMG_2838IMG_2854IMG_2866

Where we stayed: Aloft Corpus Christi

Where we ate:


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