Colorado: Boulder

Oh Colorado…what a beautiful state it is! Every time I think of great outdoor states two come to mind, Arizona and Colorado. In October 2016 Andrew and I made our first anniversary trip to the home of the Rockies. We had always wanted to go and though we originally had Boston or Philadelphia in mind for year one, we are not ones to pass up a sweet deal.

For this trip we actually brought along my parents and our daughter. She was just over one year old and I could not get myself to have her in Texas while we were away so I was able to convince my parents to come on an all expense paid trip. They too can’t pass up a good deal, haha.

As we do, we made an adventure of it and made a couple of stops while in the gorgeous state. This is going to be another mini-series + hotel review with details about where we went and what we did. Read about our accommodations here!

IMG_4766We landed in Denver and shortly after made the drive up north to Boulder. This had to be our first stop because we both badly wanted to see the Rockies and they did not disappoint.

IMG_6665The drive to RMNP was so breathtaking, especially once we came up to Estes Park. Unfortunately we were already on a tight schedule, but if we had more time I would’ve loved to walk around here more and go into the famous Stanley Hotel. IMG_4794IMG_6707IMG_6714 (1)IMG_6834IMG_1735IMG_6848

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