Online Thrifting with thredUP

Hey y’all!

I know I’ve talked quite a bit about thredUP on instagram. I received so many questions and feedback about you wanting a review, so here it is!

I first looked into thredUP about a year ago and like those who have not tried it yet, I was skeptical. Though I continued to browse their app on a weekly basis it was until this year that I finally decided to try it out.

ThredUP offers a new way to buy and sell clothing and more importantly it’s so easy and convenient to do! So what is thredUP? It’s an online secondhand and consignment shop for women and kids. In addition to that, they also provide Clean Out Kits and Goody Boxes! Learn more about thredUPs mission here.

Purchase Experience

I started by purchasing an item because I thought this would be a good indicator into how my experience would be overall. It was also helpful to see the quality I would receive and better understand what they consider to be “good condition”. When I thrift I first and foremost do it because I want to save money and thankfully usually find pieces that I love in the process.<3 The item I decided to purchase was a navy blue and white pin striped off the shoulder blouse from Madewell. We all know how cute their clothing is, but it can be SO expensive! This was a perfect opportunity to buy a piece without giving away my paycheck. When I received the blouse I loved it! It came within a week or so from when I ordered. The condition was definitely “like new” and I only paid $19.99+ tax. Seriously it was a steal! I have yet to buy another single item from thredUP since, mostly because I’m building up those funds for a real deal. 🙂


Clean Out Kit Experience

Quick run through of how it works…once you’ve created an account its a quick few clicks in the app or website and you wait for it to come in the mail. Once you receive your Clean Out Kit, which is actually a large envelope you’ll find the Clean Out bag with a prepaid label on it and a checklist inside. The checklist is helpful in letting you know what what is likely to be accepted and what isn’t, as well as 1-2-3 steps on how to complete the kit. Also, don’t worry if items are not accepted, depending on the condition they will either donate them or responsibly recycle them for you. For me it was extremely easy to to follow and even easier to drop off at the post office. Thank goodness! You can also leave it at your door for pick up.

The turn around time can up to 3 weeks, but there is an option to pay for faster review. I wish I counted and logged exactly what I sent in but I didn’t. I do however have some screenshots of the items that were accepted both consignment and upfront payment and will insert them below.IMG_4267

Consignment vs. Upfront Items

Once you send in your box and items are selected they will fall into one of two categories, consignment or upfront items.

CONSIGNMENT: off season items that are in great condition, but may take longer to sell. You receive payout 14 days after the sale has been made. I’m assuming that includes the return policy timeframe to ensure you aren’t paid out and then an item is returned. You are notified once an item sells and when the funds will be available in your account. These are items are on consignment for 84 days and during this time you can adjust the price to anything but higher than what thredUP has listed it for. Once the 84 days are up you have 14 days to reclaim the item.

UPFRONT: these are on-trend, in season, and great condition. These items you will instantly see payout for in your account to use right away. It’s that simple.

The app does a great job of separating the two, letting you know how much the item is listed for, your payout, how many days left on consignment and you can even view the listing itself. As with most consignment/clothing resale clothes you will not get what you paid for with these items even if they are “like new”. Regardless, you do receive some funds and it’s neat to see how much everything goes for, how quickly, and of course you get to shop or cash it in. 🙂

I just sent in my second Clean Out Kit to them this past week, but filled it with my daughters clothes. Let me know if you all would like more details on how that panned out.

*note: my upfront payout was only $6.22. Most of my earnings have come from my consignment items.

Goody Boxes

One of thredUP’s newest services are Goody Boxes. Similar to Stich Fix, it is a box that is customized for you based on your size, style, brands you love, and budget. It’s $10 to order the box and the amount goes towards any purchases you make. There is no obligation to buy, but regardless that $10 fee is there. You can choose from different themed boxes or a Just For You box. I wanted a variety of items I chose the Just For You box and in my notes to the stylist I mentioned I wanted items I could wear from 9-5 and into the evening. The same as the Clean Out Kit, the Goody Box comes with a pre-paid label and allows you 7 days to send it back.

The box is super cute, compact, and filled with 15 items to choose from! I’ve included screenshots of what was in my box so you all have an idea. Out of the 15 I kept 5, which I think worked out pretty well considering I did not not have to leave my home. 🙂 I would’ve ended up with 9 items, but unfortunately the fit was not there for some. There were a couple of things that were just not me, but I appreciated the fact that they took a chance. I’d give this box a 6 out of 10 stars based on everything.

IMG_4203 2

Will I continue using thredUP?

Yes, absolutely! The app is extremely easy to use, the quality and turn around time is good. There’s only a couple of things I do not like about their app and it’s that you cannot filter by specifics on shoes (i.e. sandals, flats, heels) and when you search by brand name it will also include other brands which defeats the purpose to me. I know for sure I will continue to use them for my Clean Outs and for the Goody Boxes. I can get easily overwhelmed going page by page trying to find something I REALLY love, so the boxes just do all the hard work for me. 🙂 Also, it includes things I may have not picked out on my own or wouldn’t have even seen considering there is soooo much on their site.

I hope those who have been contemplating trying thredUP had some of their questions answered. If you have any other questions comment down below or DM me on IG, I can try my best to help with anything else. 🙂 If you’re ready to take the plunge feel free to use either of my codes for your first order or first goody box!

Happy Thrifting! ❤

$10 off your 1st order –


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*This is not a sponsored post. Links do provide a $10 credit to me anytime it is used. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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