Lucky Stars a Tiny Luxury Home



Hi y’all!

I have been meaning to get around to this entry because I had so many of you ask questions about the tiny home Andrew and I spent our anniversary at this year. As most of you know, school took over my life these past few months, but I’m done, passed with a B, and ready to share this place with you all!

Let me start by saying both this home and the owner are truly gems! Becky, the owner, keeps a tidy home, is kind, inviting, and helpful. We had an amazing time saying at her famous little home. Yes, it is famous! Both from the DIY Network TV show Tiny Luxury and Texas history. Sam Houston himself granted the first owners this plot of land (originally 160 acres). Becky is also the 4th single woman to own this land! Inspiring to say the least. She was the kindest and invited us to chat on our last evening. She shared about herself, history of Boerne, and even some plans she has in mind for the tiny home and maybe even some future additions to her lot.

Now that you know a little more about the origins of this home and land, let’s get into how gorgeous and surprising spacious this tiny is. With a footprint of 200 sqft located in Boerne, TX no space goes unused here. If it’s a must have on your list then there is probably a way you can make it happen. The layout of this home was perfect and never felt cramped, although I did bump my head a couple of times, haha. That’s mostly because I’m a clumsy person. I loved the rustic charm that flowed throughout and the kitchen/living space were definitely my favorite areas of it. The bed was extremely comfy and I adored the windows that let in so much natural light.

One interesting part of the place is the outdoor shower. Though I was so tempted to use it, the hill country is cold in the morning and I could not get myself to do it. Maybe on our next stay 🙂 However, I think the coolest thing we experienced was sitting up at the loft at night, opening the sky light, and peeping out to watch the moon rise. It was a first and such an amazing thing to say we have now done.

This home can sleep up to 4 adults comfortably, but in all honesty this is the perfect time to take advantage of the quiet of the hill country and spend quality time with your special someone. As soon as I found this place on Airbnb, I knew we had to stay here. We have a thing for staying in unique accommodations and after spending our last anniversary in Marfa I knew we had to go small town again. The location is absolutely perfect in my opinion and only a short drive to the Hill Country Mile. 

Andrew and I ended up feeling under the weather and there was honestly no better way we could’ve spent our time. Seriously, it’s like time slowed down and we just enjoyed the quiet that comes with the beautiful Texas hill country. We are absolutely looking forward to staying here again and getting to know Boerne a lot more on our next trip.










*This post was a partnership with Lucky Stars Tiny Luxury. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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