2019 Goals: Sharing My Progress and Failures

Did you know 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February?  It’s a bummer to hear that and though I personally don’t like making resolutions; I do love setting some goals for myself. Andrew and I both usually set couple goals every wedding anniversary, but this year we made a few goals together for 2019.

I personally think a lot of the reason resolutions “fail” or essentially people quit is because they are simply too hard on themselves and lack motivation. I thought it would be fun to share some of my personal and couple goals with you all, share what I am doing to stay on track, and share how I’ve already failed but am forgiving myself and pushing towards meeting them.

Couple Goals

Pay off 3 debts/Build savings

In December of 2018 Andrew and I began to take a look at all our debts vs. our income and kept in mind our future goals. We started by deciding on a set amount that we would save every check and exactly where that chunk would go every 4-weeks. I’m proud to say that we have stayed on track with this. We are 1.5 debts down with one having been paid off at the end of December and going strong. Additionally, we are focusing on building our savings. We have 4 types of savings currently, one which is a weekly thing, and the other three have been prioritized based on our current debt/income and term of our goals. Let me know if you guys would be interested in our story when it comes to our debts, our tough times, evaluating our finances, and how I budget/set goals for every month and quarter.

Fast Food 2-3x a month/No soda/Meal prepping

Okay so this was kind of a tough one for us to break out of. We began pushing towards this goal the last quarter of 2018, but weren’t too strict. We’ve been pushing to keep soda to a minimum. We have set a rule for ourselves that we are to only opt for soda if we are eating out. We have totally failed on this one, but are definitely not as bad as we were. Each time we want a soda outside of a dining out setting we just take a moment to ask, “do we really need this?” and that has helped us curve our impulse. As for fast food, I would say in 2018 we probably did fast food anywhere from 8-10 times a month and though our goal is 2-3 times (preferably just one), we are down to about 4-5 times so we are making progress for sure. Meal prepping has actually been our strongest out of this bunch. We have made it a point to remember to save left overs and take them to work and always grocery shop over the weekend so that we can meal prep on Sunday. We’ve also included making sure we have breakfast before work or take something to eat at the start of our day and have even eaten some of our meal preps over the weekend for lunch which saves us a lot of money. I think if we could master these three we will not only healthier physically, but financially as well.


Personal Goals

Wake up at 5:30am

This has been something I worked on all of 2018 and it came with me into 2019 because I have not mastered it. I have my weeks where I feel like I am really getting used to it, but then fall off again due to inconsistent sleep schedules. If you don’t know I am mother of an almost 4 year old and have not mastered her sleep schedule. That’s another thing my husband and I are working on. However, I am optimistic and continue to leave my bedtime app scheduled to wake me up at that time. By the way, if you are not taking advantage of that portion of the app you should. One thing I have learned is that there is a sweet spot to waking up. For me it’s when I naturally awake about 10-20 minutes before my alarm goes off and instead of sleeping to that last minute I just start my day and I have found that I am ultimately successful and feel extremely refreshed during the day. I guess it’s that internal clock we have that knows when we’ve gotten exactly what we needed out of our rest. I’m pushing myself to give in and get up when that occurs.

Blog Focus

This one I can say I consider it a fail so far. When I wrote this goal I bulleted goals within it like, 2-4 blogs a month, 2 YouTube videos a month, IG at least 4-5 times a week, work with brands, etc. Other than IG, which I’m probably barely meeting, I have not kept up with either of these. It’s not that I don’t care, but I personally felt super exhausted from December. In case you did not know, I did Vlogmas, whew that was fun yet tough. Now I feel as though I have my second wind and am ready to push through and start meeting these goals. Simply writing this post is motivation. I have so many ideas I want to put on here and I’m in the process of organizing them all and setting a schedule and deadlines for myself. One thing I did for my last few posts was to schedule a published date and not change it before I even started to write. Knowing that you have half finished work that will go up at that time no matter what really pushes you to keep your schedule. Your work is a representation of you and there is no way I’m allowing half ass work go up on my behalf.

Guys, I hope you all enjoyed this read! Hopefully if you are one of the statistics that has failed/abandoned your resolutions/goals this year you will reconsider them, even if it’s just one of the few you set. Work hard to stick to it, but know it’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake. Small victories are always better than quitting.


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