Photo Credit : Wayfarer Photography

Hi, I’m Rebecca-Lynn! For a long time I dreamt of traveling the world, but finding someone to share that with took some time. Luckily, in 2013 I met my husband, Andrew. It turned out we shared the same passion for travel. One of our first and longest conversations was solely about where we wanted to travel and why. We even purchased flights to NYC within a couple of months of knowing each other.

Photo Credit : Brittany Brooks Photography

A year and a half later we welcomed our daughter Olive-Lynn to our family and though some may feel starting a family slows you down, it was just motivation to see more, so she could experience more. For us traveling is more than about “taking a vacation”. It’s about experiencing a new place, seeing new sites, trying new food, meeting new people, and let’s be honest being a tourist at times.

We truly are your average family. We go to work, cook dinner, and pay bills. However, we also love traveling and we find ways to make it happen. I want this to be a place to express my thoughts, expand my photographing skills, give insight, and be able to look back on our beautiful memories together. Join us on our adventures!