Weekend in Corpus Christi

Hi guys,

I wanted to jump on here to share a little from our weekend getaway to Corpus Christi recently. We were craving a trip somewhere and OL has been begging for the beach so we woke up early and hit the road by 6:30am. It was our first road trip since OL has been potty trained and it was an adjustment, but we survived. haha.

Before and while in Corpus Christi we received so many restaurant recommendations, but with our short trip there was no way we could visit them all. Only more reason to go back!

While there I had previously decided I wanted to vlog our trip on my iPhone because I am very much interested in starting to vlog more often. This was a perfect opportunity for me to capture our trip and get some practice in as far as speaking to a camera in public and editing. I went ahead and took the plunge and uploaded my vlog to YouTube Wednesday evening. I really had a blast editing and couldn’t help but smile as I rewatched my little families adventure. 🙂 I’ll link the video and share some photos below from our trip.

Hope you all enjoy!

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Where we stayed: Aloft Corpus Christi

Where we ate:


Colorado: Garden of the Gods

Guys, we’ve reached the end of our Colorado trip. We couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to spend it than at the Garden of the Gods. This was a place we knew we HAD to see because seriously, how could you skip out on the gorgeous red rocks and views from up-top. We literally had a flight to catch at like 7pm that day, so we spent the better part of day here. I feel like there isn’t much to say except that if you go to Colorado you have to make the trip. You could spend all day here, but even just a few hours like we did, will give you your fill. Here are some photos from out visit!

Don’t forget to check out my Boulder and Denver blogs here for more on what we did and inspiration ❤

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Colorado: Mile High City

Hi guys!

The Colorado adventure continues and our next stop was Denver. We spent two nights here in Denver, our pre-anniversary night at The Ritz-Carlton Denver and our second at the Hilton Denver City Center (previously the Marriott Denver City Center).

Let me just say WOW to the Ritz! Those ladies and gentlemen did not disappoint. On top of the constant assistance I received to set up a surprise gift for Andrew, we were then welcomed with anniversary treats and an upgrade to a suite. The view was gorgeous! ❤ Honestly, since we didn’t make it to Denver until mid afternoon, we just lounged around in our robes and rested up for our night out. Our concierge took care of making reservations for us at The Four Seasons Edge, where we had champagne waiting for us, ate delicious steak and desert, and were even given a tequila tasting straight from the barrel.


The next morning we met back up with our daughter and my parents for breakfast and some hangs. Once we split ways, they took OL to the aquarium and the 16th’s Street Mall, while we set out to do whatever came to mind. First thing we thought of was the gun range. We found a neat placed called the BluCore Shooting Center, everyone was extremely nice both staff and customers. However after 2 hours at the range it was time to eat!


We made our way to Union Station because anyone who has ever searched Denver on Pinterest knows that this place is a must. It’s a beauty! We were mostly in awe over the gorgeous and grand interior. We opted for desert first and then walked over to Stoic & Genuine for some lunch. The atmosphere was great and the decor was very dapper. We loved watching the cooks shuck the oyster right before our eyes. Always opt to sit at the bar, guys. I feel like you connect so much more with your surroundings and meeting new people is always fun! However, if there’s a window seat, don’t skip out on that either. 🙂

The area around here is filled with many shops and bars, but we were drawn to Tattered Covered Bookstore. There was no shortage of book options. We seriously could have spent all our money here, but we’d have no room in our carry on for our clothes. Haha.

The last thing we did this day was spontaneously purchase tickets to a Broncos vs. Texans game. We had stopped by earlier in the day to see the stadium and check out the store. Little did we know they would be playing the Houston Texans that night. We chose to take advantage of that and purchased pretty awesome seats for a great price. It was a blast and those Broncos fans do not mess around. Broncos Forever, that’s for sure. But we met some great people around us that were kind despite our support for the Texans. Hahah. It was definitely an experience, and I am not even a football fan. The weather was perfect, the energy was vibrant, and the view of the Rockies behind the stadium was the star.

If you would’ve asked me if we’d be spending our one-year wedding anniversary at the gun range or a NFL game I probably would’ve said not likely. However, it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and experience all things around you, whether it’s “your thing” or not. Andrew and I still talk about this day because it was just so fun and random.

“Life is a journey best traveled together” – Unknown

And I never want the adventure to end ❤



Foot of the Mountain Motel

For our stay in Boulder I opted out of booking a traditional hotel because I wanted us to stay in town. In my research I found a few hotels, but this one caught my eye because it was different from any hotel experience we had so far. The Foot of the Mountain Motel was in a desirable location, budget friendly and the name could not be more fitting.

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Hi guys!

I contemplated sharing this trip because the aspiring photographer in me feels my photos fall short from a photography standpoint. Given that it is my daughter’s birthday month, I have been obsessed with looking back at memories of her first couple of years with us. That in itself ended up motivating me to share this travel with you all because she was the reason we did it.

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San Diego: Day One 

Hi guys!

Its time for the San Diego portion of this 5 blog series. If you haven’t caught up with the Exploring Arizona portion here they are, Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Jerome & Watson Lake. 🙂  As I mentioned in the first post we decided on taking this trip for Andrew’s 30th birthday and it we were able to spend some time with his niece and her husband, they live in Scottsdale.

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