Part One: Seattle, WA & My First Plane Ride

In October 2014 Andrew and I planned a trip to Seattle, WA. Originally we were supposed to meet up with my oldest brother, but that plan fell through, nonetheless we decided to go forth with the trip. Plus, we had a credit that needed to be used for a cancelled NYC trip we planned prior to knowing about my pregnancy.

This was going to be my first plane ride EVER! Can you believe it took me 25 years to ride a plane?! Our daughter wasn’t even a year old for hers haha. I was nervous about it, you know being six months pregnant and all, but it was a smooth ride and I absolutely loved the customer service we received from Southwest.

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Fill Your Life With Happiness

It’s only been a week since I’ve begun to blog so I’m not an expert on this. However, I have dabbled before in journaling all my life. Whether it was writing in a spiral notebook, creating a scrapbook of photos with captions, and at one point, updating my Live Journal (that I kept private, mind you). Hmmm…I wonder if I can figure out my log in info? Continue reading Fill Your Life With Happiness

Mini-Texas Travels

Let’s take it back to the year 2014. To be quite honest that seems so long ago, especially because now Andrew and I are married and have a daughter. I wanted to use this post to share a couple of our travels within Texas, our home state. It’s funny how sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to see the world that we forget our home is a part of it. Don’t ever underestimate what you can find within your state, or even your city. I plan to eventually have a blog series of San Antonio and hope to entice you all or as we say here, y’all, to pay a visit.

But before I get into our trips to Houston/Corpus Christi, I wanted to take the time share our deepest condolences to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey recently. It’s insane to think that something so intense could occur just hours from where we live. In my line of work I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing fellow Texans from the areas that were hit and it was nice to see them in such great spirits considering what they had just been through. A lot of them were stressed, but most were just so happy to be alive and safe at that point. I was very honored to have been able to provide them hospitality and in general just help the transition from this disaster as easy as possible. Also, making them laugh, that was my favorite. What was even more heart lifting was ALL the support from their surrounding cities ❤ In San Antonio, dozens of businesses and individuals have been working together to help all the Hurricane Harvey victims in any way possible. It’s such a beautiful thing and the least we could do. One business, Viva Tacoland, has decided to contribute by getting locals and visitors involved. For every photo taken at their wall with the hashtag #ilovehoustonsomuch they will donate $1 towards Hurricane Harvey relief funds. We absolutely had to make it a point to help in any way we could. If you’d like to participate click their link above to get directions, every photo will help make a difference!

With that being said, we are also sending all of our love and prayers to Florida and the surrounding areas as Hurricane Irma is on the move.


I’m probably breaking all the rules by posting a photo that doesn’t have our faces in focus, but regardless it was for a good cause and we were on a time crunch.

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My First Travel Experience

As a child my parents did their best to take us on vacation when possible. That meant multiple trips to Disney and Universal Studios over the course of 12 years. I absolutely love Disney and movies, so this was ideal for a child. We were a fairly large family so all our trips had to be done as road trips, which sometimes I wonder how they did it with us. Nonetheless, I am so happy we did! Something happened to me with each trip we took. A spark turned into a burning passion for travel and the idea of exploring everywhere around me. I know it seems silly, how could Disney trips spark this interest it’s so touristy, but it did. Although I would never turn down a trip to any of those theme parks, it showed me that travel was possible. That’s all I needed to get me obsessed with wanting to see more.

My family and I travelled to Disney/Universal Studios about 4 times so I definitely had seen new things, especially since we road tripped it each time. However, as an adult I still felt like I never truly traveled. You know where you call the shots, book the hotels, etc. So finally in 2013 after I started my first job in the Hospitality Industry I booked a room and committed for January 2014. I planned my first trip the most colorful city I’ve been to so far, New Orleans.

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Cheers to New Endeavors

Finally, my first post on the blog created a few months ago. I’ll be quite honest, writing is not our strongest suit and I am beginner photographer, but one thing I do know is I love traveling and discovering new things. That’s the whole purpose of this blog. When it comes to visiting a new place I always research the city I’m visiting. What is there to do and see? How much will it cost? Where do I stay? What can I not miss in this city? There’s a whole list of questions that I search answers for, so I want to be able to lend a hand in that process to other travelers. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a place to look back on your memories either. 🙂

I haven’t travelled much this year, so I will start with some of my past travels to share where I have gone and go from there. I am not sure on an exact schedule for postings, but right now I am looking and one to two post a week. I do have to warn you, quality of photos may not be great for these oldies haha. I’m learning more and more with each trip though.

My family and I have some exciting trips planned for the end of this year and next. I hope to entertain some of you, excite you about travel, and be as helpful as possible.

I’m excited to dive into this creative outlet as it is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. Right now travel is the focus, but I hope to expand on more topics in the future. I’m the sole author of this blog, but maybe one day my husband, Andrew, will want to share some stories too.

Thanks for joining me!


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