One Lap Around The Sun


Did you know last month qtravelers made its first lap around the sun? Well, I can’t either. Guys, I’ve come to the one year mark of my blog and this fun adventure I set out on. I’ll be honest, I had a lot of momentum the first few months, but LIFE guys, it just takes over sometimes.

I will say I’ve had an amazing time looking back on my memories by sharing our adventures from the last few year with y’all. Aside from that though, I love that I came to the realization that my blog could truly be whatever I want it to be. For me, traveling through life seems very appropriate. I shared on a previous Instagram post that I was feeling bummed since we hadn’t traveled much since I started my “travel blog” and it was getting me down. And after some alone time with myself, my ideas and thoughts, and reviewing my content I was noticing I had created this box for myself that was not necessary at all. Who the heck said I could not write about anything else but travel. Apparently I did for a bit, but thank goodness I freed myself from that!

Like I said before, blogging has been a ton of fun and I’m so happy I just went for it. I’d encourage anyone who wants to do it to JUST START. It’s such a great way to share what you know best, create personal memories for yourself, and meet a lot of wonderful people. Still nervous? Well, I thought I’d share some insight to blogging with y’all based on my first year doing it.

First off know that it will take effort and commitment on a weekly, if not, daily basis. Depending on what you want to provide your audience and what your long term goals might be it’s going to take time and commitment. I think people misconstrue what blogging is like and it’s not just taking photos and jotting things down. Nope, you have to know what you want to give out to the world, what sort of value will you bring to people, and then tailor how you do it based on your following. I am still learning this today!

Secondly, you’ll need to break out of your shell…if you want to see more growth. This goes for online and in person. When it comes to your online presence you have to be present, otherwise it’s like you are not there. Engage with people who comment on your photos/blogs/videos and more importantly engage with accounts you follow. This not only helps you meet new people, but it helps you get noticed! As for in person, when possible go to mixers and events and actually talk and introduce yourself to people. You never know who you can meet and what opportunities can present themselves.

Lastly, don’t feel pressured! Don’t feel like you have to write about a specific topic because it’s hot right now. Don’t feel like you have to post a photo if you’re not proud of it or don’t have anything genuine to say. Don’t do giveaways if you’re not ready to. Don’t take sponsorships you don’t fully believe in. Don’t be afraid to try something new. And if you feel like you need a social media detox, take it! The world will not end because you choose not to post a photo on IG and neither will your blog. You will gain the best engagement, community, sponsorships, friendships and other experiences when you are feeling like YOU! So always remember that. 🙂

I hope what I have learned will help someone who is thinking about picking blogging up. There are definitely more tips one can give, but I thought I’d keep it short and sweet today.

Special thanks for my hubs and baby girl who are always so supportive. Whether it’s helping photograph me, being okay with me vlogging our days, and giving me some alone time to put it all together. I love you two ❤

Thank you to everyone and all the new friends I’ve made for all your support during this past year! I appreciate your kindness, open arms, and feedback. You’ve made this experience even greater than I could have imagined and I’m so excited about the new direction qtravelers will be taking.

If you’re new here, I hope you stick around! Check out my bio to learn more about me and don’t forget to read back to my past blogs.

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XO- Rebecca-Lynn