RENT @ The Public Theater

rent 04
Scene from”La Vie Bohème” | Photo Credit is Siggi Ragnar

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This Weekend in…San Antonio

Hi guys!

Can you believe it’s already Friday tomorrow? There’s a few awesome things going on in San Antonio that I am sad to say I will miss. Hopefully though you all get to make it out to some of these. If you do use the hashtag #qtravelweekend so I can see how it was!

Here are 3 things that will keep you busy.

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This Weekend at…Luminaria.

Hi guys!

I hope you all had a great weekend! If you’re in San Antonio you were able to enjoy our funky weather, but it beats the heat I guess. haha. We had a pretty busy weekend. Between getting haircuts, cleaning house, grocery shopping, and working, we were able to make time for some art.

If you are following our Instagram stories you would’ve seen that we made it out to the 10th Annual Luminaria Festival. We had so much fun in our city that evening and Olive was mesmerized by all the bright and colorful pieces. Although I didn’t take many, probably because I was busy dancing and eating sausage on a stick, here are some photos from that evening.

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